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Nice car, bad parking

Nepean, Ontario, Canada

Steve says, “The same Ferrari F430 has visited this parking lot before, but the previous time, it was parked properly. I love the car, I just wish it was parked a little better.”

Don’t we all…


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Needed a lot of space

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Katrina took this at Portside Warf, a ritzy restaurant, movie theatre, apartment complex. She says, “the car parked badly actually did have the official ‘disable parking’ permit, but they took up two disabled carparks!”

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Not even kind of close

Bedford, TX

Jean says, “I don’t normally take my camera out with me on quick errands, but this day was a lucky exception. There’s no way that this was someone who was simply in a hurry, or just a little careless – this is a ‘I just don’t give a shit about the lines’ parking job.”


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Leftover space

Location Unknown

Nikki says, “the ‘bad parker’ in this case is one of my very own co-workers. I drive the cute little blue Civic, and because my car is small, there’s often a lot of extra space left over in my parking spot. That being said, just because there IS extra space there doesn’t mean that whoever parks behind me at work has to encroach upon it!”


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Smaller than it seems

Los Angeles, CA

Caleb sent this photo of a VW Bug whose driver obviously thinks he’s driving a much larger vehicle.


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That’s what you get

Cincinnati, OH

KP says, “This was my wife’s parking job, her co-workers decided it would be funny to surround her, so they blocked her in for pulling this.”

That’s really funny, but why in the world did she park that way to begin with?


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