Redmond, WA

An unidentified sender says this “car park wasn’t that crowded but this Merc was, well, dumped when we came for breakfast and still there when we left. It had gone by the time we’d visited a couple of other shops in the mall.”

Seriously, what the hell is this about?



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6 responses to “Unexplainable

  1. How dare you ask?! You KNOW we can’t reasonably explain this non-sense. Sometimes, only sometimes, people are “allowed” to park like this when they’re selling their car, but uh doesn’t look like this is the case. I’m mad at that person. LOL!!!

  2. sitboaf

    Think he works for Microsoft and is always subconsciously avoiding a crash?

  3. That comment was over-the-line. 🙂

  4. I wonder if it’s technically against the law to park like that?

  5. brodie

    “Car park”? The caption says Redmond, WA, not London, England, right? :p

  6. sarcastress

    I love that. I sincerely hope it got the vandalism it deserved.

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