Too tough

Location Unknown

Stephen says, “It’s not that far over the line, but really, how tough is it not to take up part of the handicapped space?”

You wouldn’t think it would be that tough…



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5 responses to “Too tough

  1. Joe

    Isn’t the truck also taking a significant part of the space behind it, too? Unless those are the deepest parking spots I’ve ever seen.

  2. Beth

    I’m annoyed when people back into angled parking. It’s more difficult, and it takes longer.

  3. stephen

    So many people park so far over the line that I didn’t even notice it. Also, the location is Vashon Island, sorry I forgot to include it.

  4. The answer is that it ISN”T hard. People are just stupid.

  5. The biggest violation he’s committed is the amount of space he’s left in the front. I would have loved a picture from behind too!

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