Bad parking?

Washington, DC

Tiffanie say, “This is damn near impossible. It just is. I was leaving my local Target, when I saw this cyclist whip past me and pull into this handicap spot!!!”

I don’t know… I think there are disabilities that would still allow someone to ride a motorcycle. Maybe?



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9 responses to “Bad parking?

  1. Jen

    Could be deaf. One of my deaf friends has a disabled parking pass… but they gave it to him so he wouldn’t have to navigate a car-filled parking lot and get run over because he can’t hear cars. How the heck could you safely ride a motorcycle if you can’t hear?

    Maybe the motorcycle driver is blind, then. XD

    Regardless, unless that’s a disabled plate (?!) or there’s a pass out of view (yahright), this is definitely Bad Parking.

  2. Yeah, and while he may or may not be parking there illegally, he still shouldn’t have pulled up to the white line like that. It’s really too far up for the car across from him–he’s ever so slightly over the line with his fender it looks like–especially if it’s a big truck. And, with my own experience riding, I know that it is much safer to pull near the end of the spot instead of the front. Cars mistake that for an empty spot, and they pull in too fast. And, then, WHAM, they hit your bike. I’ve seen it happen. Not to me, luckily, but to a friend.

  3. sitboaf

    Maybe his disability is the inability to see blue paint on pavement.

  4. Jaclyn

    Anyone watch House?? Haha. He requires a cane but rides around in a Motorcycle.

  5. brodie

    Doh, beaten to the House comment :p

    I was gonna say “Was his name Gregory House”? 😀

  6. Maybe his other vehicle is a short bus.

  7. Lucy

    Only if he’s Dr. House!

  8. Grant

    It would be so tempting to put up his kickstand. . .

  9. Smrf

    The issuance of a disabled placard or plate has nothing to do with the vehicle being driven but as to the capability/inability/limited ability of the receiver to walk long distances therefore nothing precludes a motorcyclist from riding and being validly designated as disabled.

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