Not even kind of close

Bedford, TX

Jean says, “I don’t normally take my camera out with me on quick errands, but this day was a lucky exception. There’s no way that this was someone who was simply in a hurry, or just a little careless – this is a ‘I just don’t give a shit about the lines’ parking job.”



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4 responses to “Not even kind of close

  1. Jaclyn

    Oh boy, my home town is embarrassing me with its bad parkers! 😉

    So close to my old house, it looks like (by Tom Thumb?), but I haven’t been over there in years now.

  2. Jen

    Not in years, eh? Good Jaclyn, you have an alibi. 😉

  3. Jean

    Good eye Jaclyn, that is the Tom Thumb parking lot.

  4. April

    Oh, no, that was obviously intentional so someone wouldn’t door ding his awesome Kia. I mean, come on; it’s breathtaking.

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