Leftover space

Location Unknown

Nikki says, “the ‘bad parker’ in this case is one of my very own co-workers. I drive the cute little blue Civic, and because my car is small, there’s often a lot of extra space left over in my parking spot. That being said, just because there IS extra space there doesn’t mean that whoever parks behind me at work has to encroach upon it!”



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6 responses to “Leftover space

  1. Tatman

    Maybe you shouldn’t leave so much room behind your car. It might keep this from happening more often.

    Still, there is no excuse for people parking over the line.

  2. Ugh! I totally agree with you Nikki! I park on the curb at work–like, not ON it, but with my tires against it. I try to get over as far as humanly possible because people are such assholes, and they don’t care, and they ding your doors. When I park as far over as I can, that doesn’t mean the car next to me has a right to my left over space! That’s my buffer zone! And, yet, everyday, when I go out to my car, the asshole next to me is COMPLETELY on my side of the line. I SO feel your pain!!!

  3. Tatman makes the same argument people make against me parking my scooter, but there’s not any way I can take up the extra space.

    I was under the impression that the lines were there for a reason.

    I sent in a photo recently in which I did an experiment. In my case, the encroaching vehicles take up the ‘spare’ room on the sides.

    SO I started taking the advice of an earlier commenter and parking SIDEWAYS in the spot to take up the entire width. It didn’t help. People on both sides came in over the line – EVEN when nobody was beside them on the other side.


    Great photo Nikki.

  4. manda

    Your car isn’t that small.

    I’m pretty sure this is a two-fold parking dilemma.

  5. Lea

    There’s really no reason you shouldn’t park your car fully in the space. Use the Camry to your left as a guide.

  6. Grant

    You parked too far forward, which probably made him misjudge how far to pull in.

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