On purpose

San Diego, CA

From Jeff. This is obviously intentional to protect his car. Intentional, but still obnoxious.



Filed under car, parking

2 responses to “On purpose

  1. You’d think the least he could do would be to line up the lines on the car with the lines on the pavement.
    Somebody should have painted lines down the side to match.

  2. Tuesday

    Dude, I hate it when people do this. It is very rude and obnoxious. Just because you have a nice car does not make you special and allowed to be a big fat fatty jerk. I always carry around glass chalk in my purse. It allows you to write on someone’s car but it’s easily wiped off. I usually only use it to write silly things on my friends’ cars, but if I see a case of bad or jerky parking like this, I always write something on the culprit’s car. At least if it’s dark out….

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