No more snow!

Denver, CO

Lisa says, “We were getting lunch, and in this particular area parking is always at a premium – worse during winter as you can tell. We’re in the mustang, and the only parking spot has snow. No worries, we thought we could make it – till we saw the truck. He’s in our spot, pretty much forcing us to park on the snow bank.”



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5 responses to “No more snow!

  1. Wrong quote!!!

    Thats actually my best friend and I doing our lunch run back in january. The only spot contained said snowbank. The guy to the right of us couldn’t park right, even when the lines were clearly marked as that particular parking lot gets plowed pretty much every day when there’s snow.

    And there is still snow in denver – well, 14,000 feet above denver 😉

    — Lisa

  2. u cant blame it on the snow/ice if u slide on the line since the hill is tilted the wrong way for that to happen xD

  3. The truck is equally to blame here. Two wheels on the white line.

  4. yea it is the trucks fualt the front driver tire is over the line tho

  5. now, to the left of us is actually a grassy area – there’s no actual parking spot to the left of us, but for some reason, in this parking lot, they have put white lines next to the curb to the grassy area, just to make sure no one mounts the 4 inch high curb, lol.

    We’re equally to blame since our (now totalled) mustang is on the white line, but we wouldn’t have been if it weren’t for the truck next to us.

    And we didn’t slide 😉 But there were a couple of other people seeing this adventure and they stopped, got out their cameras and started to take photos 🙂 All blamed the truck 😉

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