Might lose a mirror!

White Plains, NY

Sheryl says, “This was witnessed outside of my job. Look at HOW FAR this person is parked from the curb. I wouldn’t be surprised if their side view mirror was taken off as a result of passing traffic.”



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6 responses to “Might lose a mirror!

  1. Tatman

    Losing a mirror would be a karmic justice.

  2. haha need to learn to park (prolly a women driver!!)

  3. K.T.

    haha, need to learn how to use correct grammar (prolly a men writer!!)

  4. Rita

    OK, I’ll admit I’m not a great parallel parker, and sometimes it takes me a couple tries to get it right. But it looks like this person has an extra space in front of them to fix any errors! [I’m assuming the X in front of the car is designated no parking.] So…there’s really no excuse.

  5. Jay Dee

    When I was learning to parallel park, one of my first attempts ended like this. My mother stepped out of the car, walked to the curb, and said “This isn’t parked — it’s ABANDONED.”

  6. excellent camera work!

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