Chain Reaction

Brooklyn, NY

Sheryl says, “This was a spectacular example of chain reaction bad parking on my block one night. I just hope they were all moved by 7am when the meters kicked back in.”


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4 responses to “Chain Reaction

  1. Have you never parked at a meter?! The car is supposed to be *between* the meters. There is more than enough room. The meter should NOT be in the middle of the passenger door or anywhere near the tires- it should be in front of the car.

  2. Joe

    Rude much? Without an overall picture, or at least framing the pictures so you can see the cars parked in front of and behind the one you’re focusing on, this series of pictures just becomes confusing. I get that it’s supposed to be a chain reaction, but I can’t tell the order of the cars.

    I curious how it got that way, but it’s very hard to put together four isolated pictures. From the background, it looks like the green car is at the back of chain. The pictures are shown back to front? Is that correct?

    If so, the dark blue/black car did a decent job of parking an a spot already crowded (assuming it parked after the green car). But the SUVs (why am I not surprised) just made the situation much, much worse.

  3. Interestingly this blog ranks on top when we look for suv blogs…

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