From the dealer

Crystal Lake, IL

Adam says, “What is it about slanted parking that breaks so many people’s brains? Not only is the silver car parked poorly, but the minivan in the back is, too. The best part about this one? The guy caught me as I was taking the photo. I asked him which dealership he was from (since he had dealer plates). When he told me, and asked if I wanted his card, I told him ‘No, I just wanted to know which dealership to avoid, since their employees can’t even park correctly.'”



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3 responses to “From the dealer

  1. Tatman

    Hahaha! Nice way to call him out. “Wanna buy a car?” NO WAY, CHUMP!

  2. sitboaf

    Those guys at the dealerships have to park and re-park so many cars, so often, you’d think they’d all be great at it.

  3. RP

    I have to know how he reacted to that!

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