This will work just fine

Escondido, CA

Tim has this to say: “I see this every day. This one happens to be at an Albertson’s. Person drove in the lane, saw a space designed to be entered from the other direction, and couldn’t turn that tight — and then didn’t take the 12 seconds required to back up a bit and fix it. And to make it much worse, it is a handicapped space, so they should also be dinged a big fine.”

And he adds, “I was at Costco today and I could have spent all day there taking photos of bad parking! There was just way too much – it was like overload – so I didn’t even take one.”



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2 responses to “This will work just fine

  1. That’s pathetic. The world gets more self-centred every day it seems.

  2. Geno

    Self-centered? I’d call it un-centered!

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