Exempt from the law

Pikesville, MD

Tina says, “This cop parked in this handicapped spot in the middle of a half empty parking lot at this strip mall. Me and a friend watched him get out, walk quite healthily over to a girl he flirted with for about ten minutes, and then disappeared into a cigar shop. Apparently the law does not apply to him!”



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4 responses to “Exempt from the law

  1. sitboaf

    See you in 3 to 6 months, Tina.

  2. Well, I hope you took down his tag number and reported him to his boss, along with the accompanying photo.
    God knows, they’d do the same to us.

  3. RP

    Yeah, this is when I wish we didn’t block info out of the photos.

  4. Fred Farkle

    I saw this in Augusta, Maine but it was a State trooper so I went back to my truck, pulled out the digital camera, took pics of the plate and interior of vehicle, drove 3 miles to the State police barracks, asked for the supervisor, showed him my Disabled American Veteran tags and the pics and told him that I couldn’t park in the handicapped spot due to his employee… I received an apology over the phone from the bad trooper a day later. Now I’m just watching my back for that state-ee.

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