Not as nice as you think

Location Unknown

Stephanie says this is “a car whose driver decided to take up four spots in a parking lot that is already lacking in space. As you can see, there is a huge construction site set up in the background, and many other parts of the parking lot are closed down as well.”

This car is not that nice. Is it? This can’t be intentional. Can it?



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4 responses to “Not as nice as you think

  1. I hate this person. Seriously- how do you justify this?

  2. sitboaf

    go snag as many shopping carts as you can and set up a ring around this ass-hat.

  3. b13

    I LOVE the missing hubcap. ROFL!

  4. Is that the missing hub cap or the donut spare? Either way, I think it’s interesting that a large number of photos on this site are of larger-than-average vehicles taking up larger-than-average space.

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