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This picture from Stephanie was posted a few months ago. This driver’s parking made it difficult for her to get into her car, and then he had the gall to leave it like that for a month while he was on vacation. Stephanie got revenge.

She says, “A couple weeks ago I came home from work to see that he had parked over the line again, except this time it was his driver’s side that was encroaching upon the second space. I very slowly and carefully parked my car as close as I could to his. I was so proud I had to take a picture. I hope he had to climb in through the passenger side door.”

Stephanie – totally awesome.



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9 responses to “Revenge

  1. brodie

    LOL. Bravo!

    I like to do this, as well, whenever someone parks with their driver’s side over the line.

  2. Joe


    I’ve always wanted to do that, but I’m always afraid that they’ll ding or scratch my car. It’s less than a year old, so I try to keep it away from drivers who are clearly sketchy.

  3. Stephanie, you totally rule. I would have paid to see his reaction when he discovered this.

  4. who goes on vacation for a month? unless by “vacation”, he meant “house arrest.”

  5. Bravo Stephanie. From the looks of his passenger-side door, it ain’t the first time he’s been an asshat.

  6. Laura

    Nicely done, Stephanie!

  7. Yes!!! I’m gonna get fired laughing at this pic. So glad I discovered your site. Keep em coming!

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