Jersey! (cont.)

Edison, NJ

From Marty again. Same parking lot at Menlo Park Mall.



Filed under car, parking

3 responses to “Jersey! (cont.)

  1. JT

    Hanging over into a dead spot like this isn’t really an infraction, as far as I’m concerned. Plus, he’s giving the car to the left more room, with less chance of someone’s door getting dinged.

  2. Michael J. Walsh

    Agree with JT. Not an issue for me. In fact, I do the same thing with these dead spots.

  3. Mark

    Yet another negative of the digital age. Would somebody actually waste two frames of celluloid for a pointless accusation? I’ll make sure that I keep my car clean so it looks nice online when Marty snaps a shot of my car when I do the same thing.

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