Call for submissions

Calling all readers of Bad Parking!

I know the weather is nice again and you’re all busy gallavanting and whatnot, but there is still bad parking happening out there. I need you to grab your cameras, photograph these disgraces, and send them my way!

We’re running out of photos from the backstock, so we need your help. Don’t be shy – get snappin’!



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3 responses to “Call for submissions

  1. sitboaf

    I keep my camera with me almost all the time. I’m hoping to grab a poorly punctuated sign, bad apostrophes, unnecessary quotation marks, or hideous parking for posting on one of my favorite blogs.
    Bloggers have changed the way I walk down the street, and I love it!
    Don’t worry – I’m always thinking about you guys.

  2. Elizabeth

    I need to get busy it seems. 🙂

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