Don’t back in

Jackson, MI

It helps to look at the back of the car. Notice where the painted line is? How many times do I have to say it… this is what happens when you BACK IN! It’s not worth it people.



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3 responses to “Don’t back in

  1. I never fully understood the “backing in”. You either have to back in or back out. What difference does it make?

  2. Jen

    The difference is that when you back in, it takes at least two or three in-out attempts to line it up… if you try at all. For some reason, habitual “backers” seem to think this is worthwhile.

    One “backer” friend of mine claimed he likes backing in because then he can see oncoming traffic when he pulls out. I noted that as it stands, he’s putting himself in and out of the path of that traffic at least two to three times as often as I do… AND risking hitting cars on either side… he just gave me a blank “duhr” look.

  3. Geno

    Okay, you guys need an alternative viewpoint on this one. This guy is severely handicapped and backed in so that his door is closer to the door into the building, reducing the distance he has to hobble or crawl to get inside. It IS possible to back into a parking space without taking multiple stabs at it, and it also makes for a quick getaway when you’re done.

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