Not parallel parked


Fingel took this just outside Southern Oregon University. He says, “If you can’t parallel park, or even keep off the curb for that matter, what are you doing in college?”

I love this one. It’s so obviously a poor attempt at parallel parking. Actually it’s not even an attempt, but more like, “Well I can’t fit there, that’s for sure. Oh well! Here I go anyway.”



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2 responses to “Not parallel parked

  1. Tatman

    What a douche! He clearly has enough room to make it in there. It’s not like he’s driving a 3500 series truck with an extended cab and 8 ft. bed. Geesh!

  2. RP

    This driver must have been drunk or high. Not even people who are bad or lazy at parking their cars will leave it where it will be hit by oncoming traffic.

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