Compact Corvette?

Santa Monica, CA

Larry says, “It’s not that I hate corvettes, but their drivers just seem to be disproportionately idiotic in the parking department.”

I don’t care what kind of car it is, this is just lame.



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3 responses to “Compact Corvette?

  1. sitboaf

    Corvette: It’s a car and a half!

  2. Weird-I took this same photo of a white car in a Target parking garage! There were plenty of other spaces, and it was just a Toyota or something, but the driver hogged like 4 spaces.
    And, just as I was camera-phoning and being loudly aghast, the owner rushed past me with a pharmacy bag! She must be related to this driver.

  3. Ernie

    I think people park this way so their precious baby will never be hit by a car door from an adjacent space. They fail to realize that this kind of arrogance leaves one really really wanting to just key the damn thing.

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