Get it right

Grand Rapids, MI

This is a pretty small car, not difficult to navigate. So what’s the problem?



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4 responses to “Get it right

  1. Joe

    “[W]hat’s the problem?”

    I imagine it’s the snow! But I’m sure you knew that. My guess is the driver felt it would be better to block an already unusable spot than to be sticking out a few feet into the aisle — a decision I don’t entirely disagree with, as long as this is short-term parking.

    I imagine many of us see multiple examples of worse parking each day. I really don’t think this example (and some other ones necessitated by plowed snow) meets the standard for “Bad Parking.”

  2. Tatman

    Just so everyone knows, the pic is from Michigan, but the car is from Ohio. It’s probably a Buckeye fan. Haha!

  3. badparking

    Thanks for the comment Joe, but we think they do. Not everything has to be so serious, we just like to have a sense of humor about these things. Maybe there’s a perfectly good explanation for the poor parking, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little laugh about it.

  4. I drive the same make and model and can always park it!

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