Extended stay

Las Vegas, NV

Stephanie explains, “Although this may not look like a dramatic example of bad parking, the circumstances surrounding it make it a lot worse. First of all, I found this Camaro parked like this next to my car when I was leaving for work. I had a little over a foot of space to squeeze into my car, and the Camaro was seriously dusty, which rubbed onto my black work pants. Secondly, this parking lot is at my apartment complex on campus, so spaces are at a premium. If the lot is full, the nearest place to park (without paying for a parking permit) is at a retail parking lot half a mile away. The owner of this Camaro apparently went on vacation, because he left his car parked like this for a month.”

Dirty work pants and an extended poorly parked stay? That’s just rude.



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3 responses to “Extended stay

  1. b13

    I would have covered the car with post-it™ notes… You had the time 😉

  2. Jen

    Some guy did that to me while I was 8+months pregnant. I had to go in the other side of the car and climb over the console. Not easy. Before I left I left him a message in lipstick all over his windshield.

  3. A113

    Rudeness is not a bad thing. Calling someone rude is rude in itself. 😛

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