Ramp blocker

Carpinteria, CA

Kjaere says, “I first noticed this guy was blocking the driveway that I was trying to get out of, then I realized he had just created his own space. That’s not a curb he’s parked next to, the car in front of him had taken the last available curb spot, but this guy has completely blocked the ramp meant for things like wheelchairs and strollers, let alone the fact that he’s obstructing the fire hydrant. I had hoped this guy at least was parked for a minute because he was in a hurry or something and would be gone, but when I came back over an hour later, he was still there.”


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One response to “Ramp blocker

  1. Karin

    I would have called the fire department. they take stuff like this seriously. Then again, I called the police weekly to ticket a car that parks DAILY in the path of the elementary drop off lane next to a sign that says “no parking 7 to 3 school days”. Should have taken a picture before they finally towed him away. sorry guys!

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