Close up

Redmond, WA

Sylvia saw this in the parking garage where she works, and says, “There’s no way the Audi did it, because the other car is farther out into the driving lane, blocking the Audi, and the Audi is parked correctly in his spot.”



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4 responses to “Close up

  1. sitboaf

    And when the offender realized that he could only open his door about 3 inches… then what? Re-park? Noooooo! That would take 1.6 seconds longer than climbing over to the passenger door to get out.
    I hope the Audi scratched him on the way out.

  2. travisl

    I’m pretty sure you mean “Redmond, WA.” There’s no such town as “Redman” in the U.S. The Audi’s license plate frame is from University Audi (which I know to be in Seattle), and it kinda looks like one of Microsoft’s parking garage’s to me.

    (There is a Redman neighborhood in Los Angeles; Huron, MI; Tama, IA; and Monroe, NY, as well as a Redman Branch of the Potomac River, but nothing in Washington State.)

  3. badparking

    Good call travisl, thanks.

  4. That deserves a “Next time, leave me a can opener, moron!” note.
    At least the paint will match in the scratches that occur when one pulls out.

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