Quadruple parked

Mission Viejo, CA

Here’s the story from Philip: “I pulled into a parking lot for Ralph’s grocery store only to see this van practically taking up four parking spaces. It was fairly busy and right in front of the store. The driver’s side door is open with the driver lounging with her feet up. I am parked to the left in the white car and had to move over a little. Then, as I come out of the store, a Prius owner had to have the back end of her car stick out. And the driver is just sitting in the car! In the third image, the driver finally pulls forward and parks correctly in a space and next to an SUV, and that driver comes out and talks to the woman. She point towards me and the Prius and makes gestures like she is complaining. Then that man gets into her van and drives away!”

Sounds confusing…


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