Rather large

Scottsdale, AZ

Margaret spotted this on her way to the bank and says, “The parking lot there is always full of bad parking jobs, but none as blatant as this one.”

Could this truck be any more unnecessarily huge?



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3 responses to “Rather large

  1. Joe

    I love how it’s parked diagonally in an attempt to keep it from sticking out of the back of the parking space…and yet, it’s still sticking out the back of the space! There ought to be size limits on non-commercial vehicles.

  2. sitboaf

    To be fair, his vehicle IS about 400 feet long, so he is staying “out of the aisle” by parking askance and not straight in. Still … I don’t like when one assumes that everyone will be OK if one bends the rules.

  3. That’s what I was thinking, too sitboaf. He’s probably been clipped from the rear once before, and we all know how painful that can be.

    However, it doesn’t excuse him from violating the length limit for sensible vehicles.

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