Can I share your spot?

Cambridge, MA

Jeff took this at an outdoor parking garage in what he calls an “uppity city.” He explains: “The oblivious woman driving this car nearly backed into me while she was jockeying it into its fine position next to the Mini. If there’s any doubt, the car on the RIGHT was the bad parker. And I disparage the city of Cambridge because so many of their citizens are arrogant and feel that the roads and all the space in the universe is theirs to do with as they choose.”

And then just because it’s funny, here’s the rest of Jeff’s rant: “If you think that personal space is at a premium in places like Italy or France, try wandering around Henrietta’s Table at the Cambridge Charles Hotel. Just after witnessing this bad parking exhibition, I went to brunch at Henrietta’s and sat at the bar while waiting for my table. Two other oblivious Cambridgites felt no shame in nearl sharing the back of my stool and leaning against me while waiting. When I called them on it they just muttered about my insolence and shuffled away.”



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2 responses to “Can I share your spot?

  1. Since my brush with the people at Henrietta’s I have thought of about a million comments I could have used to get them off my back, literally. But isn’t that always the case.

  2. N

    I have a Mini and people are always trying to “share” my space. Sometimes on both sides.

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