Big blue

San Diego, CA

Jeff says this was taken during a day of on-and-off rain. He presumes this truck is parked this way “to be sure no other vehicle can put a ding it it.” 

Yeah maybe, but still…



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4 responses to “Big blue

  1. I think this guy may be trying to do others a favor. It looks like that beast would certainly stick out into the traffic lane if he were to park correctly. So while this is very poor form, I do believe his thinking is in the right place.

    Or it’s just too early on a Monday and I still think people do good……must need more coffee… =)

    Good catch brother.

  2. Philip

    I agree with Tim but who actually needs a freakishly long truck like this one? It’s ridiculous.

  3. Geno

    Jealous? I have this same problem with my own behemoth! Can’t you guys be happy about something? Do you ever try to consider if there’s something other than a jerk behind the wheel? Jeez-o-peet!

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