Snuggle up to the concrete

Modesto, CA

From Laura: “On any given evening this is the kind of parking one views on the entry level of the parking garage. Not only was this one thisclose to the concrete pillar, but it wasn’t even in a marked parking space. Of course just four spaces up the ramp was a bank of empty spaces.”

I’m not sure what the second picture is. Laura?



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2 responses to “Snuggle up to the concrete

  1. I’m guessing that second shot is showing all the space left in front of the car that is left unused.

    But, if I may submit, in this rare case this driver may actually be doing a good thing. This looks to be a Mini, and may, just maybe, the driver is actually trying to save other drivers the frustration of pulling into a “open” (sorry Bethany) space — only to find that it is really full, they just couldn’t see the darn Mini from behind the big van parked next to it.
    You know, like when a motorcycle is parked in a full size space…

  2. Laura

    Tim is correct and he has a good point with his observation. unfortunately walking up the pedestrian walkway after a long 16 hour shift, that point was lost on me. i am pretty much narrow-focused at that time of the morning where all i want to do is get to my car and get home before they call me back to the nicu.

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