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More dominoes

Excondido, CA

Tim says things are bad “from the left starting with the silver mini-van, all the way to the burgundy car one from the right. The gold pick up bucks the trend – but I don’t know if he parked before or after the others.”

Always love the domino effect.


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In a rush

Carlsbad, CA

From Tim: “I guess folks are just too rushed these days to back out and straighten the car up – and be within the lines. In this case it could cost a few hundred bucks if a cop drives by. I’d say it’s worth the 33 seconds it takes to fix the parking job – but that’s just me.”

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Innocent victim

Grand Rapids, MI

Poor Samil owns the car parked on the right. I hope he didn’t have to crawl in through the passenger side!


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See the animals

Pittsburgh, PA

William took this at the Pittsburgh Zoo where the parking lot was only about half full. I guess when that’s the case, why not take up two spots to yourself!

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On the grass

Location Unknown

David says people always have a hard time parking on this street, but that this is a particularly excellent example of bad parking. I think we can all agree.


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Parking meters are confusing

Brooklyn, NY 

Says Sheryl: “I saw this example of bad parking last night when I got off the subway. You can see the parking meter is at the middle of the passenger door. This was the spot closest to the corner. I noted the car behind it was parked appropriately (so no reason it should be pulled so far forward), and the crosswalk was painted about 5 feet in front of the meter. Other than total cluelessness, I can only guess that the driver was lining themselves up with the crosswalk instead of the meter. Oh, and they were also a good foot from the curb.”

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Just can’t get it right

Modesto, CA

All Laura has to say is, “Honestly, it is everywhere around these parts so perhaps I should keep my camera with me.” Please do!

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