General absurdity


Grand Rapids, MI

Samil provided a whole photojournalistic piece for us on this parking debacle. It all took place in one section of a parking lot! Samil adds, “It was just a bad day for parking today.  The three red cars were parked next to each other, it wasn’t as if it were a domino effect either. All three were getting tickets by campus police as I was walking by. The fourth grey car was about 30 yards away from the other three cars.”



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2 responses to “General absurdity

  1. sitboaf

    wow, i love how the Neon is not just parked in a handicapped spot, but taking up two of them!
    i’d be angrier, but they got tickets. go justice!

  2. RectilinearPropagation

    Go justice, indeed!

    Honestly, people! WTF?

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