We’ve got mail

Location Unknown

When Paul walked around this USPS truck (as the sidewalk was blocked), he heard boxes being thrown around in back. Must be the driver needed to sort a few things out and thought this was an appropriate place to do it. Hey, as long as I get my mail on time!



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3 responses to “We’ve got mail

  1. I may be mistaken, but this looks like Brooklyn, NY.

  2. Jesus, don’t say anything to piss him off. You know how those Postal guys are.
    Let him park where he wants.

  3. RP

    A lot of the delivery trucks and service vehicles park on the sidewalks on the college campus in the city I live in. If I were in a wheelchair I’d be pissed off all day long.

    As it is this guy is not only forcing people into the street, he’s forcing people into the MIDDLE of the street!

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