Just put it wherever you feel like

Manchester, NH

As this is a nearly empty parking lot, perhaps Sitboaf is correct in saying “this isn’t so much a lack of parking skills as an assumption of privilege.”



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3 responses to “Just put it wherever you feel like

  1. Not only that- but note that even at the extreme angle, the front of the car *just* clears the front of the painted lines. So, I bet he parked that way because his car is so damn long, it would have stuck out into the aisle if he had parked normally.

    Look at the length of that thing! It’s unholy!

  2. The nice thing about this truck is that it’s parked.

    And while it does create some semblance of a menace to society, I suppose the redneck driving it is probably inside with his six children and pregnant wife feeding them lots of trans fats to ensure future generations of truck-parking geniuses.

    On a defensive note, there were lots of empty spots, so this transgression was a little less ridiculous than when a truck is parked on the sidewalk, in yellowed-out no-parking areas and atop random collections of Jehova Witnesses.


  3. Assumption of Privilege, I like that!

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