Too close for comfort

Little Rock, AR

Ashley says, in regards to the first photo, “[It] completely blows my mind how rude someone can be. Obviously the car was there first. How dare that van park so close? I hope that the car person got out there first and just sat on the bumper of the van tapping their foot until the driver came out.”

Then she turned in the same parking lot and found the chain reaction bad parking in the second shot.



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4 responses to “Too close for comfort

  1. I’m pretty sure that’s a Bush/Cheney sticker on the bumper of the too-close van.
    I’m not a bit surprised.

  2. Yvette

    In the first pic, it’s hard to tell if there are any lines. I LOVE LOVE LOVE parking next to bad parkers and making it impossible for them to get back into their car. Last year, while fighting off the flu I was entertained by a lady that had taken up 1.5 parking spaces with her mercedes. The .5 spot was the only one left and it was raining. I was upset so I blocked her in by parking my little car in the .5 spot. I spent the 20 minutes waiting for my meds watching her try and try again to get into her car through the driver’s door. What made me feel much better though, was watching her give up and climb in through the passenger side. I bet she doesn’t park like that any more!

  3. Yvette, that’s brilliant! What a selfish, stupid woman. If they’re worried about their precious cars getting dinged in a parking lot, they should park FAR AWAY or leave them home. Morons.

  4. Lisa

    I do the same thing to people who obviously and improperly take up too much space. However, I would never do it when there are no lines. When I was 8 months prenant and centered perfectly in a space, some bad parker parked over into my space and left only inches between the cars. I was in no shape to climb over the seats and I was not happy to say the least!

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