Kiss them, they’re Irish

Ballinamore, Ireland

Our first international submission! Martin sent this from his 2007 trip to Ireland, saying “One car is parked more than two feet from the kerb, while another is parked at an angle, with the front over the kerb and the rear sticking out into the traffic. I commented to one of the local residents, who told me that this sort of thing is fairly common in Ballinamore!”

(Martin is from England, so ‘kerb’ must be the British version of ‘curb.’ Never knew that!) I love this example of bad parking, so thanks Martin!



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2 responses to “Kiss them, they’re Irish

  1. Elizabeth

    maybe he spent too much time in the pub … and had a few too many Irish ales.

  2. “Pavement” is the British version of “sidewalk” but if I had written than the car was parked on the pavement you might have thought that was where it was supposed to be parked!

    Martin from England

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