All in a day’s shopping

Tim had quite the bad parking experience on his last minute holiday shopping trip. He calls these three instances “fine examples of goodwill towards men and…oops, I mean of only thinking about yourself and being in too much of a hurry to turn around or look for a real space.” 

Escondido, CA (all)

First he took this shot of “two cars parked at the end of the row, past the cart return. You can see faint lines where there used to be spaces here, so I am sure they justified this parking job by saying the lines are just faded. This shop is undergoing some construction and there is not enough space to maneuver the lot well as it is, but with these two parking out here I couldn’t make the turn past an oncoming car.”

Then at the very same store, he “pulled up five more feet to see [this], where these two had decided that they don’t need asphalt or real spaces to park here in the wild west.”

Finally, he left the madness to park on the street where he saw this car whose driver is “obviously much more important than the rest of us, and in way too much of a hurry to flip the car around on this wide, quiet street to face his/her car in the correct direction.”

Phew, what a day.


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