Eatin’ good

Missoula, MT

Rob found this at an Applebee’s. Maybe the driver was in a hurry…gotta get that Pick ‘n Pair Combo!



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6 responses to “Eatin’ good

  1. So nobody would park next to his precious “thing”, I presume.
    I always wanted to park diagonally next to one of these humpers. Just for fun.

  2. Oh, yes … the classic “Hey, look at me!” parking style.

  3. Me

    Hey if he has that kind of ride, he can park how ever he likes! 🙂

  4. Me

    Hey if he has that kind of ride, he can park however he likes! 🙂

  5. I would never imagine that a car looking like that would be in Missoula, Montana. I think I just assume all vehicles are big trucks or bison.

  6. TootsNYC

    I’m sure that was a deliberate tactic to be sure no one could park right next to him and ding his door.

    People w/ vintage cars do that all the time–deliberately take two spaces, and park diagonally in them. But usually they are considerate enough (and smart enough) to do it way out at the end of the lot.

    This is smart, bcs then no one else will want to park all the way out there w/ a long walk–but you can’t count on only that. My brother likes to tell the story of the first time he & his wife bought a brand-new, from the factory car. On the way home from taking delivery in the middle of the day, they stopped at the grocery store. They didn’t want to get a door ding on the first day, so they parked WAY OUT in the empty, empty part of the parking lot. He said there were many rows, many spaces, all empty, between him and the door.

    When they came back out, someone had parked right next to him, and dinged his door.

    So I can’t blame this person, w/ that great, snazzy, well-loved car, for parking in a way that could deter door dings.

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