Allendale, MI

The story is that Brad saw the red car parked very strangely (picture 1), blocking in another car. His guess is that the red car slipped out of gear, rolled backwards and hit the car behind it (picture 2).

When he came out later, the red car had been moved (picture 3) and ticketed (the little white thing on the car’s windshield). Apparently the authorities came along and pushed the car back into a spot. Sort of. It’s definitely bad parking when you forget to use the parking brake.



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3 responses to “Slipping

  1. David

    I would imagine that pushing it back would just lead to it rolling back and crashing yet again, only causing more damage.

  2. clh

    I have done this. I was at the mall and came out to find mall security parked behind my car. I left the car in neutral and didn’t put on the e-brake. It rolled backward, but thankfully, didn’t hit another car. Security pushed it forward then had to sit and wait for me to come back. I was mortified. Then I didn’t know what to do. Should I have tipped mall security??

  3. Jess

    Oh, that would totally suck. I can see how it could happen though. I’ve done it…in my driveway.

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