Chain reaction

San Diego, CA

Jeff’s theory is that the Pontiac on the right pulled in first and forced the VW to compensate with equally bad parking. See how our actions affect others?



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3 responses to “Chain reaction

  1. Kimberly

    It is even worse when you have the “idiot buffer” built in (the rectangle dividers instead of just lines) and you STILL can’t hit the space.

  2. Seriously- how do you get out of your car and NOT fix this? How do you NOT see the error of your ways? Do they just not care? It’s madness out there!

  3. Marlene Curtin

    idiot buffer is too small for the car to fit tho… 😡 Have to go outside the lines to park in that lot (I’ve been very frustrated by that lot before, if it’s the one I’m thinking of).

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