Move it on over

San Jose, California

After struggling daily for a spot in her apartment complex’s parking structure, Yvette came home one night after a 15 hour day to find the only “open” parking space to actually be occupied by a motorcycle (which, by the way, could have been parked in the designated motorcycle spaces but was not).

What did Yvette do? She got out of her car, moved the bike over, and pulled into the spot. Then took a picture. And apparently started what she calls a “passive-aggressive parking revolution” when other tenants began to do the same thing over the next week.



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14 responses to “Move it on over

  1. Andi

    Just my personal opinion…but Yvette kicks ass!

  2. Issa

    This is hysterical. I should’ve done that with the little fart buggy in ‘Deceptive Parking’. That or parked in the spot anyway and trap him in there.

  3. Well, I just hope Yvette’s car was OK after the owner of the cycle came back to find it had moved. I could see him (or her?) “accidentally” banging it back and forth on the way out of the spot.

  4. Sara

    That parking spot was fucking delicious.

  5. Amy

    November 8th, 2007 at 3:23 am

    That parking spot was fucking delicious.

    OH MY GOD lmao *falls over laughing @ response*

  6. sinister

    If she touched my bike she wouldn’t need to worry about where to park in future 😉

  7. disgusted

    Yvette would be lucky to be able to DRIVE her car, much less park it if she touched MY bike. Designated motorcycle spaces or not, a parking space is a parking space, whether it is a bike or any other road approved mode of transportation!

    And as far as Issa is concerned, go ahead trap the bike in there, I guarantee you that you would picking your car up at the impound lot!

  8. Ash

    I second that sinister.. I think the lack of respect people have for motorcycles is becoming worse. We pay the same toll, the same parking fines, abide by the same traffice rules so why should we have to make exceptions for those who don’t ride?

  9. Monika

    I agree whole heartedly wih the previous posts. The story kind of pissed me off but then I have a bit of an issue with it. My bike weighs at least 400 Lbs and when it’s parked the front wheel is locked, so how did “Yvette” after a 15hr day “move” the bike? I think someone is full of it…

    but regardless, if we don’t touch your precious cars don’t be touching our bikes, or perhaps we start a “revolution” (and good luck catching us…)

  10. Kat

    you know what, though? when square footage is at a premium, why should a tiny little bike get to bogart six-plus times the amount of space it actually needs? that’s just wasteful. especially when there are designated spots just for bikes that cars have no use of. i’m assuming you get ticked when a car takes up more than it’s fare share of space. how self-righteous would you be if a car was overflowing into a designated motorcycle parking spot?

    and bravo for responsible motorcyclists, but for the record, in terms of percentages from my own personal experience sharing the road, even though bikers are SUPPOSED to follow the same traffic rules as drivers -more often than drivers- they don’t.

    and also, that little bike certainly doesn’t look like it weighs 400 lbs.

  11. jerome

    You wrote: And as far as Issa is concerned, go ahead trap the bike in there, I guarantee you that you would picking your car up at the impound lot!

    Not so, my friend. I have parked my car in spaces like this and had the motorcycle towed. My friends now call me aggressive~aggressive.

  12. Kat and Jerome, you’re both not seeing the whole picture.

    If you demand that scooterists and motorcycle riders obey the laws of the road, then we should get the same rights as other vehicles.

    There is no way that you would stand for someone forcing your car into neutral and rolling it out of a spot just so they could park there. Or getting a tow truck to move it to the side.

    What makes it right for you to move a registered vehicle that just happens to be smaller than a car?

    Where does it stop?

    When the tiny cars from India make their way over here, will you get two friends and move those out of spots. They’re rumored to be smaller than Smart Cars.

    What about Minis or Smart Cars for that matter.

    It’s personal property. It’s parked legally. Go find an empty spot.

    **One caveat is that I would leave a note for the building management AND for the owner of the motorcycle to park in designated motorcycle parking. But there is no way I would lay a hand on the vehicle.

    I think in some states moving a vehicle of any type is a federal offense. Attempted grand theft. Doesn’t matter if you moved it an inch or to another block or had a tow company move it.

    And for that matter I can’t believe a tow company would move a motorcycle if the owner wasn’t there. So few tow trucks are even equipped to carry scooters or bikes AND they could get in a boatload of trouble.

    The solution is getting government to designate more parking for our planet friendly vehicles. I’ll gladly park in a spot with two or three other scooters or motorcycles WHEN the government says it’s OK.

    Where I live they’ll hand out three tickets if you do that. It’s stupid but right now we have to obey the law because they have the ability to take away our license. Until then, you’ll see my scooter – all four feet of it – parked in a mammoth space that will accommodate a Hummer.



  13. Elm Creek Smith

    For all those folks applauding Yvette’s moving of the motorcycle so she could park her SUV in the space, what should we two-wheel riders do when we come up to our “designated motorcycle/scooter parking” and some cage-driving moron has parked his/her SUV, van, or Prius over the line so far that we can’t get our bikes into the space? Do we get to move, vandalize, or otherwise disable the vehicle or make it impossible for it to move?

    Keep your hands off my ride.


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