Crank the wheel

Unknown Location

Kjaere calls this “a prime example of bad parking.” Agreed. Also a prime example of why we hate unnecessarily large vehicles.



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9 responses to “Crank the wheel

  1. You wonder why there’s never any parking at Southern California malls… well here you go!

  2. Laura

    Seriously…how could someone just leave their truck like that? Why wouldn’t this person see that their park job sucked and then fix it? Ugh…people.

  3. Matt

    Ugh…it’s the old “My car’s so expensive that I park diagonally across two spots to keep the riff-raff from getting too close.” Man, this gets under my skin.

  4. Kimberly

    When people park like that to avoid having other cars park to close to their oh-so-special and expensive car it makes me want to intentionally defile it.

  5. Issa

    I would’ve moved the shopping cart and wedged between the Corolla? and the Escalade. Then I would’ve flung my door open upon exiting said wedged vehicle. That should teach’em.

  6. Beth

    I used to have little cards with the word “SUMMONS” in big red letters. In smaller writing underneath, it said, “Do you have to park this way? Or are you just an asshole?. I wish I still had some.

  7. Sheep

    I’ve got a better idea. Park RIGHT behind this guy but just so you are out of the way of traffic. That way he/she can’t get out and has to wait for you to get your vehicle. I mean doesn’t one bad parking job that ruins your attitude deserve some justice?

    Besides. That’s a 4-wheel drive, no? They can go over the curb…

  8. soxfan17881

    This was definitely intentional. That’s a pretty-boy truck and though large, it isn’t too bif to be parked correctly. This dork just wants to:

    A) Attract attention to himself
    B) Prevent scratches

  9. gimp

    big truck + arrogant parking = small penis

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