Deceptive parking

Location Unknown

Clarissa came upon this empty spot (top) and proceeded to pull in only to find this motorcycle at the very tippy top of the parking space. Not necessarily bad parking, but frustrating nonetheless. We’ll count it.



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10 responses to “Deceptive parking

  1. Nice find, Clarissa. I hate that.

  2. sinister

    I love that!
    We do it as a way of getting back at all the cars that have nearly killed us through drivers just not looking.

    I still do it. ;-}

  3. That is so annoying! Can’t they park those things somewhere else? Dedicate one of the ten handicapped spots to accomodate multiple bikes.

  4. MC

    Actually, I think that is bad parking. I think scooters and motorcycles alike should park towards the middle/end of the parking space to avoid the possibility of a collision. Some people might swing into the spot and realize too late that it’s occupied.

  5. sinister

    Perhaps it’s the swinging into the spot that needs to change? today a bike, tomorrow a baby buggy

  6. I park at the back end of the spot because people can be selfish out here and the bike would be no more in no time at the top of the spot.

    People would still complain that I’m taking up a whole spot. There are not designated motorcycle spots except at biker bars. So am I supposed to pick it up and store it in my 3rd floor apartment or park on the sidewalk?

  7. Kat

    right, because baby buggies park at the tippy top of parking spots, where cars are supposed to go.

  8. 1 – that’s a scooter
    2 – it’s parked just fine
    3 – but if it were my scoot I would have moved it to the middle where drivers could see it and where it won’t tempt people to fill up the remainder of the spot with car

  9. Jen

    Looks like a good way to get your bike parked in by some idiot in a compact (or a giant-ass truck…)

  10. Donna

    I park in the middle, more visiability and lots easier to back it back out when I leave and yes to take the temptation away from others trying to squeeze into the space with me. Give me motorcycle parking and I’ll use it!

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